Meet ‚Christopher Cedeno‘: The Cuban Confederate.

Christopher Rey Monzon (aka, Christopher Cedeno) is a 24 years old White Supremacist and Neo Confederate (Southern Nationalist), native-born Floridian of Cuban-American decent, and resident of Hialeah, FL. Christopher first got on everybody’s radar-screen and made national headlines after he was arrested by police for attempting to assault demonstrators with a flagpole at an August 30th, 2017 rally in support of Hollywood, FL city commissioners who were meeting that day at City Hall after voting in favor of renaming three streets honoring former generals of the long since defunct Confederate States of America (CSA). Just before the altercation took place he was quoted to have exclaimed that they were “…a cancer on the face of the earth. All Jews are!” 

From looking at the photos above one can clearly see Mr. Monzon wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of The Cushman Flag, which also adorns his flag juxtaposed with the Confederate Battle Flag, or the „Stars and Bars“, which identifies him as a member of the League of the South-a face that will be proven over the course of this article.

As a result of his activities on that day, he was charged by police with aggravated assault, possession of an illegal weapon, disorderly conduct, and inciting a riot. See below:

However, this is not his only brush with violence. 

On August 12th, 2017 Monzon attended the infamous „Unite The Right Rally“ in Charlottesville, VA where League of the South personnel were caught on a video that went viral ruthlessly beating an African-American male by the name of Deadre Harris.

Prior to this, back in May 2017 Monzon and other members of The League of the South (LOS),Including Florida State Chairman Michael Tubbs,  gathered at Lee Circle to attend what would be dubbed the “Battle of New Orleans.“ A protest against the city’s decision to remove several Confederate monuments. It was at this event that Monzon would get into another altercation, again with a flagpole, with an armored centurion (Sean Van Dusser) who would later be called “ The Cuck Knight.” Witnesses saw Monzon first, jabbing Van Dusser repeatedly with the flagpole, then when Van Dusser’s  back was turned- „The Cuck Knight“ was stuck to the side of the head with a hard right causing him to collapse to the floor.  In this case, miraculously, all charges against Monzon with regards to this incident-were dropped.

First image shows „The Cuck Knight“ (Van Dusser) in the fore ground flying the American Flag , and Monzon in the background Flying The Cushman Flag. In the second image we can see LoS Florida State Chairman Michael Tubbs in attendance. In the final image we witness the end result of the scuffle. The whole incident can be viewed on YouTube at: Note: In the video Monzon is wearing an army helmet with what looks like a Cushman Flag sticker on the front.

Going further back, Monzon found himself to be a “Captain” of the Miami cell of the Tallahassee based Republic of Florida (ROF) militia. This is the same militia who’s leader Jordan Jereb was arrested on March 21st, 2018 by the joint efforts of the FBI in conjunction with State and local law enforcement, due to a false claim he made in claiming that 19 year old Nickolas Cruz, the individual accused of the February 14th, 2018 shooting at Marjory Stone Douglas High School in Parkland FL that killed 17 people and wounded 17 others, trained with the Republic of Florida. The Republic of Florida had been widely known at that time to be a racist Neo-Nazi organization with the goal of creating a whites-only ethno state. It was that was an organization that was known to have borrowed a lot of paramilitary concepts and training from the broader militia movement. It had established relationships with other far-right groups such as Atomwaffen Division, The now-defunct Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP), League of the South (LoS), and the Vinlanders Social Club.


Fast forward to today, and what do we learn about Monzon’s current affiliation and activities? Well, first we take look at one of Chris’s four Facebook accounts we find one find his profile picture bearing the cartoon-like image of a white Magnolia flower that has become the official insignia of what the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as referred to as “..the countries most preeminent neo-Confederate hate organization” (1), and that organizations name-is Identity Dixie.

This is further evidenced by relentless sharing of posts from Rebel Yell and The Southern Magnolia on Facebook, both of which are controlled by Identity Dixie, and of course he posts directly from Here’s a sample: 

„Identity Dixie(ID), a neo-Confederate propaganda group, was instrumental in organizing the deadly ‚Unite the Right‘ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jason Kessler, who eventually joined Identity Dixie, secured the permit for that failed Aug.12, 2017 event. The rally was initiated to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate commander Robert E. Lee. The group’s growth is even more notable considering the tight controls for membership, a power struggle with it’s parent organization, The Right Stuff (TRS), and the bad press following the bloody and violent protests at ‚Unite the Right‘. „(1)

Here we see that he likes Identity Dixie’s official Facebook pages:

We also see him befriending others who bare the symbol of Identity Dixie. A few that are recognizable are Brad Griffin (aka, „Hunter Wallace“) of „Occidental Dissent“, Phil Lovelady, and Padraig Martin-a frequent contributing writer for Identity Dixie. Observe below:


Mr. Monzon has never been shy about unabashedly stating his racist opinions for all to see, such as his desire for „lynching negroes“ as stated below:

However, if one looks at his VK account it gets far more explicit. We know It’s Monzon because it is under his alias „Christopher Cedeno, it features The Cushman Flag of the League of the South (LoS), and it state his birthday of 08/23/1995 which is consistent with what was discovered on Facebook and elsewhere:

As of January 4th, 2019 Mr. Monzon is now off probation, and seems to have set his sights on the world of electoral politics as can be witnessed by his statements below:

In fact, he has already started the process of rubbing elbows with various local Republicans in Florida, including Enrique Tarrio, the president of the Miami chapter of the „Alt-Right“ white nationalist organization known world-wide as-The Proud Boys . He has also become a member, spokesperson, and Vice President for the Miami / Dade Republican club. See below:

… and apparently they meet every Sunday from 9am to 12pm at The Cavalier Clock in Miami Springs, FL. See below:

He also likes to hangout at Shorty’s BBQ at 9200 S. Dixie Hwy. Miami, FL 33156 Phone#: (305) 670-7732. See below:

He“s also been conversing in a „Secret Group“, filled with your stereotypical Anti-Castro/Anti-Communist rants laced with racist and anti-semitic verbiage. He is also discussing scenarios whereby a successful attempt at succession might be pulled-off. Check it out:


Here he is on the White Supremacist social-media site Gab under his alias Chris Cedeno. Notice the SN, which stands for Southern Nationalist, plus the year of his birth 1995:

Here’s another of his Facebook accounts:

Here’s his car:

Here is his last known address:


NAME: Christopher Rey Monzon

ALIASES: Chistopher Cedeno, Chris Cedeno, Joseph Quintero.

DOB: 08/23/1995

AGE: 24

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 640 East 27th Street. Hialeah, FL. 33013





If you have any information that absolutely verifies his place of residence, work, or hang-outs, feel free to contact us anonymously anytime day or night at:

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